Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lets slow it down please...

Life is crazy right now…. In every aspect….
I feel like I am running around with my head cut off, with 800 things to-do, and never able to “clear the table”.
Work – Ridiculous! I feel like I can’t get thru my to-do list… I get to cross one thing off each day but 10 more get added! My desk is a crazy mess of papers that I just want to get cleared!!!!!!! This is the complete opposite of my job a year ago… Be careful what you wish for right? My problem arises when I am doing the job of someone that is higher than me, and getting paid more than me… and I am sitting here with just a “hey thanks!”
Studying – Yeah… Im already behind! Imagine that!? This past weekend, I was in such a hurry to leave work (I left 30 minutes late because I had to finish something….) that I thought I left my study stuff at work… I did not study a single minute all weekend! …. Yes, everything was online and I could have very easily done so… but I didn’t have a calculator (this is what I kept telling myself)… Monday I get to work and think “Oh where’s my stuff!?” Yeah… it was in my purse all along! Oops! Thank goodness I am still on track for the study schedule for my class! Im just behind on my own personal goals…. Which is worse?
The house – I would love a day off (and then the energy) to give it a good cleaning…. But I will retreat back to what everyone keeps telling me “you have a baby, who cares!”
Leah – Teething. Strong separation anxiety going on at the moment. Little adventurer. Loves anything that she is not supposed to have and throws a nice tantrum as soon as you take it away. Loves any sized ball and loves to watch Mommy and Daddy throw them back and forth. (I bet Brian and I break something by throwing balls in the house way before Leah ever does!) She tries to have a conversation with you, especially at night when she is supposed to be going to bed, she is starting to use different tones to her voice and she gives you this look like “why are you not talking back to me?” … Overall, she is just pretty much AWESOME right now, but a total handful!
Brian – He is out of town again… which means one tired mama! I cannot sleep without him home… Im exhausted and just want my husband back.
Although I constantly feel like I have 800 things going on, I feel like we are at a really good place right now. I absolutely love our family times together; just the three of us hanging out… it just feels like everything is perfect and how it should be. Why can’t this be the only thing we have to do??

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