Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating our Freedom!

Happy 4th of July!!

I love this holiday! There is nothing better than sun, BBQ, Beer, friends, family, and being proud to be American!!Miss Leah is celebrating her new freedom by never sitting still and trying to crawl right off of the chair! She is about a week away from becoming a handful!!

The gate is up!! But..... the cats' litter box is downstairs... and as you can see, with the gate closed they are having some problems... We are hoping that while we are at home we can keep it closed and keep an eye on them and hopefully they will figure out how to get around/over it... but until then... we are keeping the door open a crack.
Leah's crawling has gotten TONS better, shes not quick by any means but she definitely knows she can get herself to wherever it is her heart desires... The cats need to figure out the gate quickly, before Leah becomes an expert crawler!
Well its off to do a little house work before Leah wakes up.... and then its off to BBQs!!!

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