Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Only 158 more days in 2010!

As always... Time is just going at jet speed lately....

In my head I have a running list of things we already have planned to do, what we want to do, and what we need to do! When and where can we fit it all in!?!


Aug 7th - Brian's cousin Kaitlin's 21st birthday (FYI Kaitlin, I want to go!! So tell me whats going on!!)
Aug 14th - Tara and baby Jenna's baby shower!
Aug 19th - Leah's 9 month check up (Holy Moly!)
Aug 21st - Miss Anna's wedding shower
Sept 5th - Yours truly's 26th birthday! Always a great day!
Oct 2nd-ish - Baby Jenna is due!!!!!
Oct 16th - Anna and Vince's wedding... finally! They have been together almost as long as Brian and I and we already have been married 2 years with a kid!
Oct 31st - Leah's first Halloween!!
Nov 3rd - Exam.... dun, dun, dunnnnnnn....
Nov 13th - Miss Leah's 1st birthday party!!
Nov 18th - Miss Leah's 1st birthday!!!!!!!!
Nov 25th - Thanksgiving... headed somewhere with my family, location is currently unknown.... probably Memphis
Dec 4th - (date is a guess) headed to Cape for Craig's 30th birthday party. (I miss Cape!)
Dec 25th - Christmas - Duh!

Need to fit in:

Grants Farm! - Preferably when its a little cooler
The Zoo! - Again, preferably when its a little cooler!
A trip out to Columbia to visit my best friend Ashley's new house! I feel like she has been there for almost a year and I still have not seen it! I am a horrible friend!
Swimming.... preferably like 5 more times before the summer is over! Its depressing how little you get to go swimming once you become an adult... in college, in the summers, I went atlaest 3-4 times a week!
Buy Leah some new car seats - yes this can be done pretty much at any time... but we keep putting it off!
Repainting our house.... Something has come over me and I have the burning desire to repaint/redecorate our whole house! Brian says no... but maybe if I just do it all by myself .... I am just so tired of our boring beige house!!!!!
A winery trip with one of my other favorite friends, Ashley S., and her fiance Greg!
A birthday, wine tasting party, for my birthday!
KC for Labor day weekend? Leah's first roadtrip/vacation, visiting my favorite brother, renissance festival... I think yes....
Pumpkin patch for Leah's first Halloween!
A playdate with Kelly and Olivia
A playdate wtih Sarah and Leah (a highschool friend who also has a little Leah, 6 days older than my little Leah)
Lunch with Ashley S.
Lunch wtih Kate
Really just time to catch up with everyone and everything!

Looking at it all like this, we should definitely be able to do everything... but its so hard when the weekend comes around and we just want to be lazy and play around the house.... I need to just pull out my handy-dandy planner and just start scheduling things!


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