Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We NEED to do this!

The more I look at the picture, the more it reminds me of our family room... and how AWESOME this would look in ours!
We have had this completely blank wall forever! We (really I mean I) have not done anything with it because 1. I feel like it needs something BIG because I have small things on all the other walls, 2. I dont really want to pay the price for something BIG that I dont LOVE, and 3. Brian has a weird thing with things being center and with the vaulted ceiling I know he will be a pain in the a**. But looking at these pictures it makes me realize even more that we NEED something!

I think the white wall will open it up, brighten it up, and match the trim, breakfast room, and kitchen.

I just need to convince Brian! He refused to even come over and look at the picture.... he will be getting the blog emailed to him tomorrow....
I think it will add value to the house too... when we try to sell it and they take a picture of the family room, wont that wall look WAY better than it does in the pictures above?

I got a backsplash for christmas once... I think I am going to work on this being my birthday present!!
Now lets all harass Brian and tell him how awesome it would look!!!!!
Right? Ok... now I need reassurance that it will in deed look good......


1 comment:

  1. I think you should have Kaitlin paint you something. She painted a cool skyline of Chicago for us that's behind the couch as well.



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