Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If I could have 1 wish....

Among other things.....(who really ONLY has 1 wish)
I wish I was crafty!

I have been thinking about Leah's 1st birthday party..... yes, she will only be 8 months, but I am a busy woman, I have 300 hrs of studying to accomplish, I need to start thinking!

I really want to make a birthday banner like this..... it looks easy enough right!?

and I want to make some of these to hang.... the website says they are super easy.....

And then there is this... it also seems simple enough... really I love wreaths on the door! I need way more! Now will I actually make any of them is the question....

Anyone want to help out? I will hire crafty people!

And no one say "what about your mom?" There is a big difference between crafty and artistic... my mom couldnt make a craft if it saved her life!

But really.... who wants to help!?



  1. Me! I'm crafty and I am free, being Leah's aunt and all :) Send me the links to the balls and wreath. What colors are you thinking?

  2. EEEEEEE!! I actually thought of you!! I will email you the links! ... I will have to think more about colors and what not... but yeah!!!!

  3. Check out this etsy shop. They have a banner kind of like the one in your picture.


  4. Found this link on how to make the banner!!




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