Thursday, October 14, 2010

1 year old rules

1. No more bottles! They will be packed away for Leah's future siblings. She already has no problem drinking out of a sippy cup so this should not be an issue. She currently only gets a bottle before bed and in the morning, but I think we can easily switch it with a sippy cup.

2. No more formula! Whole milk all the way! Since Leah is already a seasoned sippy cup drinker, and I premake her cups for daycare, which then sit in the fridge and she drinks them cold, hopefully the switch to whole milk wont be too rough. The taste just might be different.... Lets hope her pickiness in food does not effect this.

3. I shall let Leah try to feed herself with a spoon/fork. This one will be HARD! When it comes to her eating apple sauce or yoguart (both of which she loves) I insist on feeding it to her even though she is continually trying to grab the utensil and cup from me. How will she ever learn to be civilized if I do not let her try and learn? This one will seriously be rougher on me than Leah.

4. Phasing out the binkie. Binkie will only be allowed for sleeping. Sleeping includes bedtime, naptime, and long car rides. At the pumpkin patch last weekend we met a little girl that was 2 and was talking to her mom thru her binkie! I was shocked! I will not let Leah do that. This might be a bit of a struggle... but it has to be done. Then hopefully thru-out the year we break the addiction completely, but one step at a time.

5. The carseat will be turned around!! This one wont come soon enough! Our tall girl currently sits with her feet propped up on the seat. This will be a nice trasition for everyone!

...and on to Toddlerhood we go!



  1. I'm so with you on the binkie. It's not a cute look on a kid past a year, if that. I'm contemplating introducing one to my newborn but you're making me rethink it with your pumpkin patch story.

    Good luck with the utensils!

  2. I would say keep the binkie away if you can! Leah still does not sleep thru the night because she will wake up and we just have to walk in and stick it back in her mouth.. its annoying!



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