Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lets be honest...

I have baby fever.

I miss being pregnant. I miss feeling beautiful every day no matter what because nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant woman. I miss having the excuse to eat anything my heart desired. I miss getting up every morning and pulling my shirt up when I looked in the mirror to see how much I grew over night. I miss carrying the baby around with me 24/7 and being entertained during boring meetings by watching my belly move. I miss feeling like my body had a purpose, a purpose to grow a human being.

I miss the excitement and anticipation of a due date. I miss the daydreams of what your little bundle of joy will look like and grow into. I miss the actual delivery experience. There is nothing greater in the world than welcoming a new little baby. It is the greatest moment when you see your little one for the first time, look into their eyes, and just know that your life is changed forever. I miss that feeling of being on cloud 9 because you are just so in love.

I miss having an itty bitty baby that is so dependent on me. (crazy I know!) I miss sitting for hours holding them, watching them sleep, and rocking the night away.

Leah is still a baby, and will always be my baby. But it seems like over night she grew from this:

 To this:

...and is becoming more independent by the day. I can barely even remember when she was an itty bitty thing, just out of the oven...

Im ready for another.

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