Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is Leah's blankie.  Tan, with a starred trim.   Winnie the Pooh brand, but no characters are present.

I would just like to document it before it becomes a rag....

Her love for it started early.... as I favorited it myself since it was a lighter weight blanket for the summer.
It is beginning to go everywhere with us... Her face lights up when she sees in the car after school... like its her best friend that she cant wait to tell a big secret to.  "OH MY GOSH! BLanket!"  I imagine she is saying in her head.
When she is really tired and crabby she loves to wrap herself in it and then pretend to be an ostrich and burry her face in it.

It was given to us by our Neighbors, Stacey, Denver, and Hunter as a gift when she was born.

 Blankie = Love = Comfort

I dont see her giving it up anytime soon...


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