Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

We had an amazing family fun time at the pumpkin patch this morning.      It just might have been my favorite activity yet! I am sure its just because Leah is getting older and can enjoy more things!  

She would not let go of her snack cup, even though it was empty.

Daddy and Leah on old fire truck

I love our family!

Excited for our train ride!!!

Im just a bit too big for it huh?   I had a hard time getting out!

Cute, but Leah is trying to escape us!

So sweet!

Leah loved the hayride!

My favorite picture from the day!! I think I will have to frame it, get a cute halloween picture frame, and get it out every year!

We each got our own pumpkin... Leah LOVES hers!

She would not let go of it even when we left!

I loved out trip to the Pumpkin Patch!! I am even more excited to know that each year will just get more and more fun! :)


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