Monday, October 18, 2010

Anna and Vince Tied the Knot!

Anna and Vince are an adorable couple that have been together almost as long as Brian and I.   I remember the first time I met Vince, he came down to Cape for a Rodeo or Monster Truck show and wanted to dress the part so he appeared looking like a country boy....and Anna is a saddy, heel wearing, sparkle and pink loving girl...    I remember telling Anna "Who on earth is he!?"  and she assured me that he ususally did not dress like that, and she didnt know what he was thinking....   The next 2 years of college we all got to spend alot of time  together.   They are probably one of our favorite couples, but sadly we have not had the chance to see each other much since we entered the real world.   Jobs and babies can make things difficult....

But I am so glad we had the chance to celebrate with them this weekend.  They had the most perfect winery wedding Saturday night.   The weather was perfect, the trees were beginning to change, and the wine was great!
Oh and see those candles above, there was one pretty much sitting on my shoulder! I was very lucky I did not burn my hair off!

The Fab 3 ... Oh and Anna drinking BEER?!

I love her!

Brian and I had a great night away as well... no baby, a night in a hotel, and no needing to drive anywhere...

Bc we got to ride in the limo with them!

Best wishes Anna and Vince!! Enjoy Hawaii this week!  Very Jealous!

Oh yeah... we went to leave the next morning we had a flat tire!!   Just had to make it even more memorable! Luckily it happened before we got on the highway... and then we hung out at my parents house all day waiting for Dobbs to put a new one on.  


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