Thursday, October 7, 2010

She is Her Father's Child

We have a picky eater on our hands....

Today is how Leah ate according to school:


Cherrios - All
Fruit Snacks - All
Cup/Milk - most ... she gets her morning milk at like 830... and usually she just had a bottle when she woke up at 645, so she doesnt drink very much in the morning....


Turkey - None
Cheese - None
Bread - All
Mixed Fruit - Some
Green Beans - None
Cup/Juice - Most


Graham Crackers - All
Cup/Milk - All

My child likes any sort of bread product... and fruit... This is not the first time I have gotten a report like this... usually she eats about one thing for lunch... (They always get some sort of meat, a veggie, and fruit)

You know what else she will eat...  Pizza.   She LOVES piza! She ate almost a whole slice the other night!   Then tonight... I gave her a whole chicken strip thinking she wouldnt eat any of it.. she would just play with it... she ate HALF!   I guess those 8 teeth of hers can do some damage!

And I bribe/distract her with Count Chocula cereal.   Give her a handful and oh my goodness she is so excited!!.... and I can get something done!  She is so over Gerber puffs.

She is her father's child. 


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