Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Believe...


… sleep is seriously overrated.  Red Bull is all you need…. today though I am so tired I am on the verge of tears.   Way too much to do though.

… Next week is a BIG week for me.  Send positive thoughts my way!
… having a clean house is a great feeling, but sometimes knowing a house is full of love and a happy family is more important than a clean house.
… Husbands are sometimes completely oblivious.   Yesterday Brian took Leah into Daycare with only one shoe on and didn’t even notice until the teacher said something!  He has also been known to bring her home with only 1 shoe.
… I NEED a DSL camera!  If everyone who plans to buy me Christmas or birthday presents for the next year could just pool their money together, that would be superb!

… Leah will be a sassy little thing someday.  We might be in for it when she hits the terrible 2s… or maybe we are already there?   Just look at her “I am not happy” face!   … and yeah, she makes it about every 10 minutes it seems! Give it back to her, and then she will a “fine!” face.

… sisters are built in best friends.   I love seeing my sister and I’s relationship grow!
… the mail system is AMAZING!  Just think about it!   They receive millions of pieces of mail every day, are able to sort it correctly (with a few mistakes here and there, but come on, we all make them!) and can even get things across the country in less than 24hrs!   Before I die I seriously want to take a tour of a post office, or UPS hub!
… I might be losing weight just from the fact that I am a mom… I have to share everything I eat, spend most of my time cutting up her food and making sure she is eating, and then when she is done, mom is done.  

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