Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Entering Toddlerhood

Its been a pretty big day in the Gilmore household.

Leah has been standing constantly.... took 4 steps in a row.... and we went bottle free!

Sunday was the day of her official first steps and her Daddy was the lucky one who witnessed them!! I think her doing it created such a reaction from Brian and then me trying to get her to do it again she was just way too excited, squealing up a storm, and just couldnt pull herself together enough to do it again.   But you could totally tell she was just as proud of herself as we were of her!  

Tonight I was sitting on the floor, watching Teen Mom (I love) when I looked over and Leah was just standing alone and looking at me! I said something like "Whoa Leah!" and Brian hurried into the room to see her.   By the time Brian got near she had fallen on her butt, but Brian stood her right back up... and then she took 4 steps to me!!!!!!   They were very slow and steady as if she was really thinking hard about moving those feet, but she did it!!   We got her to take a few more after that, but she only did about 2 at a time .... but the rest of the night she has been standing all over the place!!   It is crazy how much stronger she has gotten in the past 48 hours!!     She will be taking over the house before we know it!!

And remember my post about my 1 year old rules?  Well I got a little anxious... last night I just could not stand the sight of another bottle, let alone cleaning that sink full of bottles, so I made the executive decision to clean them one last night and pack them up!!   She has been bottle free for 24 hours now and she doesnt seem to have a problem with it!!   WhooHoo!!   Now only 2 more weeks of formula and we are practically home free!!

Now considering that these BIG milestones happened in the same day,  my heart is hurting a little.  She is definitely not a little baby anymore.  We are really entering this next stage at super speed!!! She is truly growing up in a blink of an eye!

And might I add that she climbed up the entire flight of stairs from our basement to family room completely alone (Dad following behind her) and today her teacher informed me that she "really likes to throw things". 

We might just have our handsful with this one!

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