Sunday, October 3, 2010

Anna's Final Fling Before the Ring

One of my very lovely, college roomate is getting married in 2 weeks!  

In typical bachelorette fashion, we hit the wineries! 

It was uber windy so we stayed inside the "barn"

Me with the beautiful bride to be!

I may of may not have drank a whole bottle of wine by myself... no one wanted red!

 Pretty girls!
Ashley's fiance happened to be at the same winery for his 10 year hs reunion... we had to go visit.... I am not sure if this is a loving picture of the 2 of them, or Ashley trying to keep him in line! ha!

The wine was starting to effect us all...

The drive back is never pretty...

But we recoved enough to head to Trailhead for dinner.... They have the best pumkpin beed EVER!!

All us lucky ladies in our bling!   That is thousdands of dollars on our hands right there...

Can't wait for the wedding!!


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