Thursday, October 14, 2010

I believe...

... that change is on the horizon.

... that even though Leah will be 1 next month, she is still my little baby. She reminded me this morning when she woke up early and just wanted to be cuddled and rocked!

... that I desperately need a vacation and Jamacia sounds very nice!

... we are entering the greatest time of the year! Halloween, a Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years... I love all the festivities!

... it is 100% OK to cater Leah's first birthday! I am willing to spend alittle bit more so that I dont have to figure out what to make and when to get it done. Now is it OK to hire a maid as well?

... I can pretend to be crafty by finding SUPER easy projects. Maybe sometime I will be able to do something more complicated!

... that its about time Leah starts walking... she just wore a hole in the knee of a pair of jeans from crawling so much!! She has definitely been getting stronger and is working on her balance. Who wants to bet if she will start by her first birthday or not?

... that this has been the fastest year of my life!!!! It has also been the greatest.

... that Brian and I have too many dreams for the future and I sometimes wonder if we will actually be able to acheive them all... I hope!

... that my next car just might be a dodge caravan! HA! Its the car we have been eyeing and pricing so that we know what we need to save.


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  1. new follower from i believe link up. your daughter is adorable! my son is turning 1 in december. where has the year gone?

    i would love a follow back :)



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