Sunday, March 21, 2010


Leah has her first sleep over last night at Grandma and Grandpa Gilmores.

Brian and I knew we needed a night away... I was just becoming more and more exhausted, both physically and emotionally, while Brian had been fighting the same sickness for 2 weeks and was definitely needing to get better.

We dropped her off at 4:00 yesterday...

Its 10:15 currently... and Leah is still not home. Brian's parents will be bringing her back between 11-12... I guess its a good thing that they are not quick to get rid of her right?!

The 10 hrs of sleep we got was definitely amazing! I was thinking, I hadnt slept that good in well over 6 months... Its been 4 months of waking up to a crying baby rather than an alarm clock, or waking up naturally, and for a few months before having Leah I was getting crappy sleep from being so pregnant!

I am feeling refreshed and productive today! I have already studied for an hour and a half and went grocery shopping!

So... Who wants to watch her next weekend!? ... Just Kidding.... I am really missing my little girl! I am ready for her to get home!

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