Monday, March 8, 2010


Last night she spiked a fever, and was up practically every 30 minutes.... and the crusty eyes is what made me take her back to the doctor today...

But Leah has a new virus... just a cold... and I think colds suck on little babies!

(The Dr thinks the eye crust is associated with the cold... not pink eye, but if it still crusty and she needs drops, she will give us some)

She cant take any nyquil or dayquil like us lucky adults get to take to feel a little ebtter... all she gets is tylenol.

... so we all have to suck it up, try* to get some sleep at night, and hope she is doing better by Wed. or Thurs.

She was just starting to sleep better again.... waking up only once, at 2:45 or 3:00 every morning, for about 10 minutes.... Lets hope tonight she sleeps alot better! All three of us need it!

Oh and did I tell you Brian is going out of town for work Wed.... I really hope she is feeling better by then because I am going to be pretending to be a single parent for a few days and nights, and a happy/healthy baby would make it a little easier!

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