Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Leah is no longer a fist sucker... she has found her fingers! .... and she loves them so much that she frequently puts her entire finger(s) into her mouth and then gags on them!

And her stage of putting everything into her mouth has grown to a point that if you are holding her hands (ex: assisting in her standing up) she will dive head first, with her mouth open wide of course, at your hand in an attempt to get it into her mouth.

She is also getting SO close to finding her feet! All night last night she would pull her legs up and kept grabbing her knees... she stares at her feet but its like she is unsure how to bend her legs so that she can reach them!

On the opposite side of progress, Leah has yet to sleep through the night in about 6 weeks! May I also mention that she has been sick off and on for the past 6 weeks as well! Ugg! She typically is getting up once or twice right now.... sometimes to eat, sometimes she is just in the need of her binky.... but is it horrible of me to hope that her getting her 4 month shots next week will make her sleepy enough to sleep thru the night and then kick start the habit again? Her first night sleeping thru the night originally was after her 2 month shots!

Which by the way... Holy Cow! Leah will be 4 months on Thursday. I broke out the high chair this weekend to have her practice sitting in! I dont think her being allowed to eat solids can come soon enough! She is a HORRIBLE drinker! Her latest habit is having the need to hold on to the actual nipple while she drinks, so that her hand is also in her mouth.... It takes forever to get a bottle down, and she gets milk all over the place! Sometimes she is to the point where she is holding the front of the nipple and the milk is just going into her hand rather than her mouth! ... but maybe once she eats solids she will be quick to wanting to be in control of the spoon as well! ....

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