Monday, March 1, 2010

so happy I could cry!

Tonight when I walked into daycare Leah was swinging quietly in the swing.... when I stepped in front of her she started squeeling and smiling!! Seeing her recognize me and being so happy to see me just made me want to cry! It was a great feeling!!!

She is becoming such a joy! I think Brian said it perfectly...

Kim: Can you remember what life was like before Leah came?
Brian:Yes... you were alot less crabby! (I try to ignore this comment, but I know its true) but its alot more fun now!

In other news I only lost 1/2 a lb this past week... but I find that to be quite the accomplishment since our share of Girl Scout cookies arrived and I had pizza 3 times last week!! ... Brian has lost 5 lbs too! :) Yeah us!

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