Monday, March 29, 2010

The power of a phone call!

Daycare called to let me know that Leah has a fever of 102!
It was already 3, and I will be there by 430, so they are letting her stay the rest of the day....
Since hearing the news I cant work... I cant think.... I just want to go and get my baby girl and make sure she is ok!
I called the doctor... just to ask if I should bring her in right away... watch her thru the night... bring her in the morning? ... just advice... Im waiting for that phone call.
Daycare said she doesnt have too many other symptoms... she is cranky and sleeping more than her usual but that doesnt mean much since she rarely naps now and was up from 345-5 last night... she is a tired girl! ... she is not patting her ears or anything either... is it just teething?
We did feel a tooth coming in.... we think.... but isnt 102 a little high for a teething temperature?!
26 more minutes... I cant wait to get her!!!

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