Friday, March 5, 2010

small world

The day that we left the hospital with Leah, so did 30 other mom and babies.... Out of all of those babies, how many nurses do you think work at one time?

What I am trying to say is ... pretty many....

We saw ALOT of nurses during our 5 day stay at the hospital considering at all times I had a nurse completely separate from Leah's nurse and they would change multple times thru-out the day... well there was one nurse that happened to be my nurse one day and Leah's the next... this nurse also happened to be one of our favorites ...

And she lives 7 houses down from us... and is good friends with our next door neighbor.

Small world huh!?

When Leah and I got back from our walk, Stacey(our neighbor), Shawna (the nurse) and Jill (another neighborhood mom) were outside, so we stopped by and visited.

Supposedly they figured it out bc Stacey was saying how excited she was to meet the new baby born next door... she said how she was born at St. John's and was there over the weekend, when Shawna works.... Shawna asked for her name, and actually remembered Leah Gilmore! She said she remembered her being a cute, big baby! ... She has been excited to see us again because she thinks its pretty cool that she gets to see Leah later on after leaving the hospital...

Anyways... the 3 housewives all have boys the same age.... but now that I am a mom... do I get to join their group? ha! We did talk about how we hope we hang out more this summer.... We will see!

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