Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nap training

I think my well rested self is finally willing to tackle Leah's sleeping/napping.

Problem 1. Cat naps.... she rarely takes nap longer than 30 minutes if she not in her swing.

Problem 2. Swaddling.... she's 4 months.... I want to break the habit now... I don't want to be swaddling a 7 month old!

Usually on the weekend, I try to get her to nap in her crib, but 20 min later when she wakes up, I move her to the swing just so I can get a break.... but today I have been patient.  She has only napped in her crib, and of course for only 20-30 min at a time.... she is currently crabby, but I think she is finally tired enough that this might be a longer one!!

I'm not fully sure how to break her of the swaddling(only at night) ... do we do it cold turkey? I plan to ask the dr Tuesday... I'm not yet sure I am rested enough to try no swaddling tonight.... but hey, she's barely napped all day, maybe she will just pass out eventually right?

And she's up..... just another cat nap! Darn it!

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