Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yep a giant....

The 4 month stats are in....

15 lbs 13 oz - about 85th percentile
26 3/4 inches - well over 95th percentile.
Head - 50th percentile

She has been released to start rice cearal for a week or 2 and then moving on the step 1 veggies and then fruit... she said to be sure to do veggies before fruit bc fruit of course is much yummier and if start with fruits they will never eat the veggies. We will do her first feeding Saturday when brian is home to help/laugh.

I also asked about her napping and swaddling.... she agrees the swaddling is not helping her take longer naps... but she should start napping longer on her own soon... maybe I need to just let her cry it out a few times and see what happens. As for the swaddling I can either stop her cold turkey and fight thru a few rough nights... or slowly wrap her looser and looser... with maybe one arm out, then another arm....

I think I need to wait for brian to get home so I won't be the one getting up 800 times a night.... after all he is getting a week free of baby cries!

Tomorrow we are having a sleepover at my parents house! I can't wait!! Girl time with my mom and sister, a 3 mile drive to work and my mom taking leah to daycare!!

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