Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Its funny how after the past 2 rough nights, Leah wakes up only twice last night (10:45 pm and 3:15am) and I feel like I got 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Just a little bit better sleep and I feel like a new woman!!

I believe her better sleep is a result of her getting a little better. Her face wasnt as crust this morning and she was in a MUCH better mood! ... but she is still not eating great... poor thing!

Brian is currently on his way to Pittsburgh, so hopefully by the time he comes back friday night Leah will be back to her happy and healthy self!

... which by the way... I am extremely sad that Brian is going out of town. Maybe I am just way over emotional right now, or I just love my husband way too much, but I currently HATE his job! I HATE that they take him away from me and Leah, I HATE that he doesnt get home until 730 and if he is lucky Leah is still awake, and I HATE that he has to work Saturdays and doesnt get to spend time with us!! .... He knew I HATED tax season before he took this job... and he knew I was not a strong supporter of this new job.... but he insists it is for the best in the long run.... UGGG!

.... which by the way again.... my complete sleep deprivation and sadness over my sick baby girl and not being able to be with her made me want to get up and walk out on my job, say screw our goals of moving to Fenton and a bigger house, and just be a stay at home mom.... but I guess some common sense came back to me because here I am... still at work instead of enjoying this beautiful day with my beautiful daughter.....

Ok... now I am sad and depressed.....

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