Thursday, March 25, 2010

We did it!!

It almost didnt happen... but we were destined to sleep unswaddled!
Leah was pretty crabby, and I was already feeling tired, so we went to Target to buy a swaddler. I was thinking maybe we can just get back to sleeping through the night, I can be a little more rested, Brian can be home, and we can try to conqure the swaddling another time...
But after staying up to 9 oclock (This is the latest she has been up in a long time! She was just enjoying her Grandma K and Aunt Jessica way too much) and drinking 7 oz (whoa girl!) she was exhausted. I tried to put her in our new swaddler (a different brand than our trusty one) and she was too big for it!!!! At first I thought to myself "crap! Its going to be a long night!" but then I thought "No its a sign... we can do this, and I can just get some red bulls tomorrrow!"
And she did it! ... She stayed unswaddled the entire night and she didnt wake up 800 times like I thought she would... she actually woke up only once at 245 for a bottle. (There were plenty of whimpers, talking in her sleep, and sucking on her imaginary binky through out the night, which kept me up most of the night, but I wont count them. I cannot sleep in the same room as her!)
I am so proud of my girl!! Lets hope tonight is another success!!
Back to the girls night.... it was wonderful. ... my dad is also out of town for business.... our poor boys!
My mom picked her up on her way home from work, while I did a little shopping. (I got Leah an adorable swimsuit, swim hat, jacket for the fall, and shoes! Pictures soon I am sure!) We all met at my parents' and just played with Leah and chatted. Jessica got home from practice a little after 6 and we headed to get ice cream at Culvers and then on to Target where we mostly just walked around the baby isles and admired the adorable summer clothes for Leah. (Lucky for Brian every outfit we loved was out of Leah's size!) and then it was back home where we lounged in my moms bed while passing Leah around and trying to make her giggle. My mom left this morning to take Leah to daycare, while I got to take a morning shower (wonderful! I usually take them at night just so I dont have to get up as early) and I got to help my sister do her hair for school today. :) I admit it, if I didnt have Brian I am pretty positive I would still be living at home with my family and thinking how I never want to leave!
Ive said it before, I love my girl time... I really hope Leah will have a sister someday so we can make the same memories that I have with my mom and sister!
Alright... back to my red bull and work....

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