Monday, March 15, 2010


We are one sick household.... Leah is finally beginning to act a little better, but now Brian and I are both miserable. We BOTH have ear infections and are taking amoxicillion! ... and add miserable colds on top of that!! As long as Brian and I have known each other... I can only remember Brian being really sick once, and me being sick maybe ones of twice as well.... our immune systems seem to be as sensitive as Leah's at the moment! We are getting everything that she is bringing home from daycare! Ugg!

This weekend was definitely a lazy one... we all just wanted to lay around and watch movies.
Leah watched her first Disney movie.. Up. Although she slept through the first part, she definitely paid attention to the end. She is fascinated by the TV. I know, I know.. she is too young to be loving TV, but I figure she will be spending most of her young life in daycare, so she will never get the chance to watch sesame street or the other popular kids shows...

And I am desperately in the need of a hobby/stress reliever. I feel so high-strung lately, that I think I am frequently taking my stress out on Brian. I need something that will help me calm down some and relax! .... but something that doesnt cost alot of money to do....(shopping is my usual stress reliever).

I want to try and pick up some bubble bath stuff so that I can try to take a hot bath at night to calm down... Brian thinks I need alot more than a bath to calm me down! .... but what!?! (Am I turning into my mom!? Always on the go, with a million things on my mind!?)

Hopefully with this time change, Leah and I can start regular walks in the evening... but I feel like I need to do things without Leah to fully calm down...

My parents took Leah Saturday morning from 10:30-1:30. I got a nice long nap and hot shower in... the time alone definitely was nice. I know I need that little time away from Leah more... I need to remind myself to take a little "Me" time more often.

So... any ideas?!!


  1. Start running. It will flush your body of toxins and release nice endorphins into your brain. It will also lead to a reduced heart rate.

    It'll also give you a moment to think about what hobbies you'd like to pursue.

  2. I have to laugh at the becoming your mom part :) Doesn't she take hot baths every night too? hehe. What about running? I find that when I run I don't think about anything at all, even when I am stressed to the max. Oh also I have joined Massage Envy it is another way to not think about anything, plus you come out more relaxed.

  3. I do want to start running Steve!... but I cant figure out what to do with Leah... Do i need to spend 100 dollars to get a jogging stroller so I can bring her along? Brian doesnt get home until almost 730 right now ... and I dont want to spend the money on a gym... but I want to run!

    And Sarah... I totally feel my mom coming out of me all of the time now!!! I understand her need for a bath now! ... And what is Massage Envy?

  4. Deep breathing techniques .. short walks on your lunch hour maybe .. reading ?? 20 minutes a day of Kim time even to meditate .. or drive in your care and scream at the top of your lungs ( Brian might appreciate that ! )
    Hope you find something that works ! Oh and being like your mom is not a bad thing :)



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