Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Hit!

As we are FINALLY recovering from  our vomit-poloza (Leah and I have both choked down a mini meal... and we have now passed it on to my parents... it seemes to be going around!) I was reading a few fellow mommy blogs online yesterday and read about a homemade ballpit.  
I thought Leah would love it... she loves balls, and having an area to play with 150 of them.... why not!?

All we needed was a clearance kiddie pool.... 3.24 at Target!
She was excited just for the pool!! I love the fish! ha!  And look at her crazy face! Her bow was falling off from her bouncing up and down in excitement!

And just add a bag of 150 balls (15.00 at Target as well)

She currently has been playing for the last hour by herself... throwing the balls in and out of the pool... climbing in and out...

We threw a cat in... they like watching her, but not being inside it.... This is great since I do not want them popping it!

I think it will be a big hit at Leah's bday part with all the little ones too!  Totally awesome toy under 20 dollars!

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