Saturday, September 25, 2010



We quickly fed Leah some yoguart, gave her a sippy cup full of apple juice, and threw her in the car.

It was a cool morning on our way to our nephew Dominic's football game.   We did not have the air on as Brian and I felt pretty comfortable.

We were almost there when Leah started to whine...

I looked back to see projectile vomiting all over the backseat!!!!

I immediately unbuckled and crawled into the backseat, only to watch Leah vomit 2 more times ALL OVER HERSELF!

Dom's game was in Festus, almost an hour from our house, so we went straight to Walmart to buy Leah some new clothes.

We cleaned up the car as much as possible, using all of our baby wipes.... but the car still stinks.

We majorly disinfected when we got home... taking off the cover of her carseat to wash is a pain in the butt!

After she puked, she was talking up a storm... feeling great.   She was fine the rest of the day as well.

We guess it was just her getting hot, with a full belly, and got car sick!

I can't wait till we can flip her car seat around! I do not want to go thru this again!!!

Ick Ick Ick!

To get this digusting picture of our baby girl out of your head.... I leave you with a sneak peak of Miss Leah''s Halloween Costume!


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