Monday, September 20, 2010

Playing with the Big Kids

Today was Leah's first day in the Starfish room!

It wore her out!!

She napped ok... ate her food, and drank all of her bottles.... but I guess she was a little overwhelmed with the activities.

She read "A House is a House for Me" and pointed to the house pictures. Their goal was to relate words to the objects.

She put a simple puzzle together.

They created with glue, foam diamonds, and "C"s on paper.

They picked up small blocks and tried to stack them.

They worked on the sign for "Thank you"

And they explored diamond shaped sandpaper.

..... Can you tell their theme is diamonds, the letter "C" and houses.

Her sheet also said she loved playing outside and coloring with markers! Markers!? I still have an infant dont I?!

Oh and I almost forgot..... she got BIT!!

Her incident report said "She was playing with a friend when her friend bit her right hand."

I know this happens alot with kids... they bite... but hours latre, you can still see the teeth marks!! It had to hurt her! Its hard to see them in the picture below because lets face it, its hard to take a picture of a baby's hand, but they are there!!

My poor baby! I should also mention she cried alot today... there is a kitchen area that connects her new room with her old room, well the kids can see the teachers in there. Everytime her old teacher, Miss Jenn, would come into the kitchen Leah would spot her and cry and cry wanting Miss Jenn to pick her up.

All evening you could tell she was worn out... she just cuddled and headed to bed early.

Lets hope it gets easier!


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