Friday, September 17, 2010


I took a ME day yesterday... stayed home, layed on the couch, played on the computer, cleaned a little, caught up on studying.... just felt like my old self again. It was the first day alone since the morning Leah was born! It was AMAZING! I need those days more often! My boss even gave me the OK to take them whenever I want! ... but they are unpaid.... being out of vacation days stinks!

When I picked Leah up from daycare yesterday at 3:00 (early) she was outside playing on the playground! I almost felt bad taking here away. We headed to the park.

While picking her up one of her teachers said "Her mom sent baby food this morning, I saw it was still in her bag." I replied with "I am her mom!" I have no idea who she thought I was! I guess I look alot different in my sweats than my work clothes! She was embarassed... I was shocked!

Today was Leah's last day in the infant - angelfish room! Monday she starts off in the Starfish room. No more highchairs, hello real table and chairs!!! No more play as she pleases... hello organized circle time, story time, and playground time! I cant wait to get her activity sheet on Monday!

My 10 month old (tomorrow) came home with a fundraiser today!!! Brian responded with "Me working and paying her tuition is their fundraiser!" Anyone want to buy some wrapping paper or chocolate!?

8 weeks till Leah's birthday party! OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGG!!!

My first neice is due in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see her and hold her! I already have baby fever again!

We need a new kitchen trashcan. Our kitchen is horribly too small with no where to really hide it... Yesterday I found Leah pulling everything out of it and playing with a banana peel! We will be trashcan shopping this weekend for one with a lid!!!!!!!


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