Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I hurt!

I think its pretty common knowledge that when you are pregnant, you pretty much lose most of your ab muscles... Heck... mine were cut in half to take Leah out!

I admit I have not done anything to get those ab muscles back...

1. I have no idea when I am supposed to fit excerise into my schedule (Oh.. I am starting a Competitive Volleyball class Wednesday night... but it might cause me to be a walking zombie. More on this later in the week)

2. We plan to have more babies... and all I will say is we hope I am pregnant again sometime in the next year... so why should I work out to regain those muscles, or lose any weight, if I will just just be big and pregnant again. (I know this is very lazy thinking, but its true!)

But since I have not done ANYTHING... I now HURT!... from bicycling!

Yesterday we used our new trailer and took Leah for a ride at Creve Coure Park. It was goregous out, it was a great casual bike ride.... and now I CANNOT move!

My entire torso is so incredibly sore! It hurts to move, talk, laugh, breathe.... all from a darn bike ride! I am guessing its from leaning over for the handle bars... but either way, this is incredibly sad and shows how incredibly out of shape I am, and my extreme lack of ab muscles...

We plan to do more bike rides, hopefully another next weekend, and lets hope I do not end up feel this way each time!

I am off to take some pain meds...


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  1. HI coming from Bloggy Moms (working moms group)

    I totally know what you mean except I had a back injury prior to having my son so things didn't fall back in place afterwards. I had to go back to therapy for it. But that is a whole boring story.
    Anyhoodles...I used to play volley ball and man that will totally kick your arse in gear. PLUS it is super fun!!
    Good luck with the team!! I think you'll love it!



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