Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A day in the life

12:30am - get up with Leah and rock her back to sleep. (She seriously has a thing for midnight right now!)
5:38am - our alarm goes off and Brian hits snooze...I just lay in bed until it goes off again
5:47am - alarm goes off again and I drag myself out of the cozy bed and head to the family room to fully wake up...
6:00am - shower, get dressed, blow dry hair, put on make up, straighten hair
6:45am - Get Leah up, give her a bottle while I get her dressed for the day
7:00am - Make bottles for daycare and get anything else she needs. Sometimes I make my lunch...
7:05am - Brian leaves for work, takes Leah every other day to school.
7:10-7:20am - I head out, every other day I take her to school.
7:55am - arrive at work after fighting the horrible St. Louis traffic and my 21 mile commute.
8:00am - work begins with a walk down to the cafeteria for coffee first
10:00am - break time = study time
12:00pm - lunch time = study time... when I am good otherwise its lunch dates or target runs.
3:00pm - break time = study time
5:00pm - time to leave!! Whoohoo!
5:40pm - arrive at daycare to pick up my baby! This is one of the highlights of my day!! Its awesome to see how excited she is to see you!!
5:55pm - get home, sit down for a minute to "relax"
6:00pm - start dinner
6:20pm - start feeding Leah dinner... although she is eating normal food, I still feed her some babyfood just because I know that for sure is getting into her stomach... I am not always sure how much real food she actually eats! Most ends up on her or the floor!
6:30pm - Brian, Leah, and I sit down to eat dinner as a family. I am proud to say we ALWAYS eat dinner together! I really hope this continues on for life!
6:45pm - Usually Leah goes straight to the bath because she gets her food in her hair! Brian makes her bath while I throw the dishes in the dishwasher/sink
7:00pm - Take Leah out of the bath and fight her to put on a diaper and PJs. She would happily be naked!
7:15pm - Give Leah her night time bottle. She usually drinks it while playing for the next 45 minutes. This is our true family time that I enjoy... Last night Leah was getting a kick out of trying to "tickle" her daddy! I would do it to him, and then Leah would try!
8:00pm - Leah goes down for bed... sometimes all we have to do is lay her down and she takes care of the rest, other nights its a fight!
8:20pm - I get on the computer, catch up on blogs, play on facebook, have an ice cream... just relax finally!
8:45pm - I clean up the kitchen a little more... do whatever little chores that are necessary for the next day.
9:00pm - In bed!
9:30pm - passed out!

And the next day we do it all over again! Life is exhausting...

1 comment:

  1. I need another margarita after reading your day!!
    I too value the sit down as a family dinner. We never did that growing up. I love being able to connect with my hubby and Chunky...while he's tethered into his high chair...LOL!
    PS. There is ALWAYS time for ice cream!!



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