Monday, September 13, 2010

Jumping on the Skype Train

At the request of my brother and sister-n-law, the Gilmores are now Skype users!

The Kozlens are living in Kansas City and missing out on seeing their first niece growing up. They have visited Leah a handful of times, about every 2 months it seems, but they always have 800 other things to do while they are in town so that they do not get very much Leah time.

The 40 dollar camera for the laptop was probably the best money we have spent on the computer in a long time!

Skyping with Steve and Sarah far exceeded our expectations. We had a great half hour visit, where they got to see Leah in her normal environment (not acting shy and nervous like she is beginning to be around people), they got to see her new "walking" skills, her crawling speed, and adorable face!

Afterwards we discussed how cool Skype is...

Brian: I feel like they were just here and we visited with them...

Kim: I know! .... Think about how futuristic this all is.... We just talked to them, on the computer, where we could see each other, and there was very little delay.... Its crazy!!

Yep... we are finally catching up on technology!


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