Monday, September 6, 2010

The Evolution of a Father

Tonight Brian and I began discussing our general feelings on parenting... we talked about how hard it can be and the things we miss (alone time, the ability to just leave...) and somehow we got onto the topic of our natural roles as parents...

I, as many mothers often do, sometimes get upset with my husband for not helping out enough.... Brian finally made a valid point as to why Dads seem to sometimes lack in the skills needed for calming, putting to bed, and general baby care.

I believe somethings are naturally instilled in us... women will always me nuturing, motherly, and compassionate... while men will always be stronger, competivite, and simple.

Brian brought up the point that 100 years ago, men probably do not help out with much childcare... that if we were living in the 1930s, I probably would be a stay at home mom doing everything, and he would probably very rarely help me with any childcare. (This is what we think atleast... we could be very misinformed!)

Men havent had hundreds/thousands of years to perfect childcare like women have.

I admit, when you become a mother there is something that comes over you and you just natural know how to take care of your child. Men are not to this point yet....

I will accept this "excuse" for now... but I will fully support helping Brian and all other men with the evolution of a father.


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