Friday, September 10, 2010

Nov 5th

I am officially signed up for my exam, again.

And Leah was kind enough to get me up at 430 this morning, and not go back down until 5:00... so now I am up, and ready to get some studying in before getting ready for the day!

I guess this is how I can make it work! But the idea of actually getting up at 4:30...willingly... makes me cry!

Only 8 weeks.........



  1. You can do it. I've been determined to get in pre-baby shape and I'm waking up at the same time so I can work out. I'm insane, I realize, but I'm doing it!

  2. So impressive! I just looked at the exam page...yikes! You can do it!! Just added your button to my blog! (and just posted another comment but not sure if it went through) Either way, have a great weekend!



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