Sunday, August 22, 2010

A always on her best behavor

Brian's cousin Luke is currently in St. Louis for work, so we of course had to invite him over for dinner.

Everything was going great, we had a delicous BBQ steak with potatoes, corn on the cob, and corssants... we all ate at the table like a happy family... Leah made her usual mess.

When we were all finish eating dinner, I just knew I needed to take Leah to change her diaper... as I pull her out of her highchair, she flips the top of it, making food fly everywhere.... then, as I rotate her to pick her up, we all see it.... the tremendously messy diaper... up her back, all over her pjs... all over her highchair....

Luke just gave a "Oh my" ... I was terribly embarassed....

Leah went straight into the bath... and Luke was kind of enough to help give her a bath!

This is his impression of the face he made....

Luke handled it all like a champ.... he is totally ready to become a dad!! .... So Luke... JUST ASK HER ALREADY!!!


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