Monday, August 2, 2010

Zany Zoo Pals

That is this weeks theme! ... Supposably the St. Louis Zoo is coming to visit them on Thursday!

Leah seemed to have a pretty good first day!

She napped better than expected...
9:20 - 10:10
1:10 - 1:40
1:50 - 2:40 (her binkie must have fallen out of her mouth and she got P.O.ed!)

And according to her form....

They read Katy No Pocket with a goal "to babble at will."

They looked at pictures of grown animals and baby animals with a goal "to experience opposites."

They sang "Five Little Joeys" with a goal "to imitate singing."

And they practiced standing at the mirror!

I love the Goddard School already! :)

Leah was definitely worn out afterwards... she was a bit crabby when we got home, played a bit, had dinner (she ate a whole crossant!), had a bath and then she actually let me rock her and feed her a bottle! She was fast asleep by 730.. but I held and rocked for a good 15 minutes just to soak in her perfectness!

I love her so much!!! Being a parent is awesome!

1 comment:

  1. I get that way at times too. When you just cant put into words just how much you love them!!!



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