Friday, August 27, 2010


Remember this post about Leah getting moved to the next room?

This morning when I dropped Leah off and was putting her bottles in the fridge, I could hear the commotion in the Starfish room that Leah will be moving to. (Leah is currently in the Angelfish room, and the rooms are connect by a jack-n-jill type kitchen area.)

Teacher: "You want to race again? One - Two - Three - Go!"
More than 1 child: the sound of them running around the room...

My baby girl can't join that! She can't even walk yet! She is going to be with kids that can run!?!! Leah is going to get ran over!

Goal for the weekend: Walking bootcamp!

She has stood for me a little more lately... yesterday she stood at the backdoor watching her daddy, and let go of the door for a few seconds, and this morning she would stand for me on her changing table while she tried to steal my glasses off my face. I think she can stand when distracted by anything, but the minute she realizes she is standing, its down she goes....

An interesting observation about Leah's daycare/school....

I am possibly the youngest parent there by far! One mom I usually see in the morning who has a baby boy in Leah's class, has to have atleasst 10 years on me... Brian is 30 and he even feels young next to the other parents....


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