Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy and Daddy Who?

Yeah, that is what it seemed like this morning when we dropped Leah off for "school".

Brian and I both took her... Brian was in charge of Leah while I was in charge of all her stuff... blanket, crib sheet, food, bottles, binkies, bibs, snacks, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, blah blah blah.... and telling the teach about her usual routine and habits.

Brian took her out of her car seat and she immediately went to explore. Another baby came in and Leah went right over to him, put her hand on his, and tried to make a new friend. She didnt even notice when Brian and I told her good bye and walked out the door.

I, however, when trying to remember all of Leah's things, forgot her paperwork. I ran back to the house and came back to Goddard to drop it off. I just had to peak back in and check on Leah. I figured for sure this time Leah would be upset to see me leave her... but she was already in the highchair-table with 2 other babies, being fed breakfast. She gave me a smile, I gave her a kiss, and said my good bye again... and all she gave me was a little eyebrow wrinkle - frown and it was back to her food.

I love that she was so interested in being there. It made for a much better drop off then the first time around when she was only 10 weeks old. I didnt have so many of the "OMG I just left me baby with strangers" feeling as I did the first time... still a little bit... but I know she will be taken care of and that is what matters.


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