Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrating Baby Jenna!

Brian's sister Tara is due with Leah's baby cousin Oct 2nd! Last weekend we celebrated the addition of another baby girl to the family and threw her a shower!
She does NOT even look pregnant!! I think she is 35 weeks here too!

Leah playing tug-o-war with Cousin Linda
Great Grandma Gwen (Brian's grandma), Grandma Karen (my mom) and Leah

Loving the presents... OK... since becoming a mom I have the hardest time of taking pictures of anything other than my child...

My mom, me and Leah... and who on earth is the person behind me!?

A picture painted by Kaitlin! Every baby gets one!

It was baby central.... Here is baby Olivia (3.5 months)

Macy and Selene, 7 months old, and 5 days apart!

We love our baby girls! Baby Jenna will be a very welcomed addition!! I can't wait for all the sleepover and play dates that I know we will be having in the future!!

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