Monday, August 9, 2010

That was a first!

Throughout my pregnancy people always told me how babies often have times where they wake up in the middle of the night and they just do not want to go back to bed....
Leah never did this.... until last night!

Leah usually is so easy to put back to bed in the middle of the night... I am usually up for 15 minutes max! But last night... she decided it was completely appropriate to play at 1 in the morning!

She got me up at a quarter to 1... I gave her binkie, rocked her a bit, she fell asleep in my arms and I layed her in her bed... but she would not let me out of her room! Every time I tried to tip toe my way out, she would start crying... After a half hour of this I was completely frustrated and I gave up... I woke Brian up and made him try...

Brian must have realized that she just didnt want to sleep, because after 20 more minutes and he wasnt back in bed, I went to check on them and he was sitting in the rocker with Leah standing in bed talking her secret language to him. You could tell she didnt plan on laying back down so I got her out of bed, sat her on the floor, and she immediately went over to her books and started opening and closing them. Brian and I just sat there with a "what do we do!? We are so tired!" look. Brian finally suggested putting her in her crib with some books and just leaving her alone for a bit.... it worked... we layed back in bed for another 20 minutes until we heard crying... I went in and she had laid herself down and you could tell was ready to get back to sleep.
From there I was able to give her a bottle, rock her, and get her back down.... only to be waken up again at 415, teriffied that I would be up for the day! Luckily, I was only up for 10 minutes...
We have no idea what was with her... maybe she was still feeling bad, maybe her belly was hurting her (I have stopped giving her the gas drops in her bottles), maybe she just wanted to play....

She is back to school today, and I am sure she will be exhausted tonight, just like her mommy and daddy!

Lets all hope for good sleep tonight!!


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  1. Hey girl, I didnt sand the table at all! And I used turquoise spray paint first, then just swiped on some brown and grey craft paint in the nooks and crannies :)



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