Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

A few weeks early....

I asked my mom for these stars for my birthday. She immediately ordered them and had them sent straight to my house! I love that my mom has no patients, just like me!

I LOVE stars! I always have. I guess I just love simple, classic, clean lines... and a star to me is just that, with so much more!

I had been eyeing them for a year... ideally I wanted to put them above our bed .... but I just couldn't figure out a layout that I liked... So I added just one.... simple, plain old me.

Please ignore the unmade bed and messy room.... Brian and I seriously need to work on this bad habit! How can we tell Leah "Go clean your room young lady!" when ours look likes a train wreck!?So then I was left with 2 other stars.... and I walked my happy butt down to the man cave (I rarely go down to the basement) and hung these without Brian's permission! (He hates that more than anything!!!) But I LOVE them here!

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