Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last night was rough....

Yesterday morning Leah, me, and my MIL, went to a festival in old town St. Charles... Leah napped in the stroller for only about 20-30 minutes.... the rest of the day her naps were a little off as well. She just couldnt sleep for very long, but was so tired and crabby and cuddly when she was awake. I figured she was just exhausted when she went to bed without a fight at 7:15.

Brian and I watched shutter island, and I headed off to bed a little before 10. I knew that with Leah going down so early, we would be up early...

At 1045 I was awaken by Leah's crying.

I walked into her room and Brian was holding her. He said "She is burning up!"

I sit down in the rocker for Brian to give her to me and I grab the tylenol. As I am holding Leah and trying to give her the tylenol, I notice that she seems to be twitching... twitching as in when you fall asleep for a second and then suddenly wake up, except Leah was not asleep, and she would start crying really hard each time.

I took her temp by the ear... it was 102.9.

Ok... she has had this high of a temp before, but the twitching freaked me out! I called the doctor's exchange, not really knowing what I would be told.

The man on the exchange takes my information, and then asks what is going on...

Me: "She woke up with a fever, 103 in the ear, and she keeps twitching/jerking"

Man: "if she is having a seizure you need to call 9-1-1"

Me: I just lose it.... start bawling!

Man: "Do you think you need to call 9-1-1? Do you think its a seizure!?"

Me: In my head I am thinking... I dont think its serious enough to call 9-1-1, but what if it is? what if I am a horrible mom and something is seriously wrong with my daughter and I do not want to call!? I somehow decide to say "I dont think we need 9-1-1"

Man: "Ok, I will put possible seizure on the message and make sure the next available nurse calls you back"

I take Leah back from Brian where she has stopped twitching and is starting to calm down some...

The nurse calls...

Nurse: "Is the baby concious?"

Me: "yes"

Leah: fussing some...

Nurse: "Is she there with you? Is that her I hear?"

Me: "yes"

Nurse" Tell me what is going on..."

Me: I go thru the story again.. trying to explain the twitches

Nurse: "Was she awake during it all? Was she looking at you or staring more off into space? Is it her whole body? Is she sleepy now?"

Me: "yes, staring off, whole body - yes, and yes - she is finally calming down now and trying to fall back to sleep."

Nurse: "She seems to be better at the moment, but I do think she had a seizure. You need to take her to the hospital emergency room to get looked at. You will probably be released tonight, but we just want to get safe. You are fine to drive her."

I get off the phone, start bawling my eyes out again, and tell Brian we have to take her to the hospital. The drive seemed to take forever... a million things just kept running thru my head!

We arrived at the empty ER and were taken over to the pediatrics area. A million nurses asked us what happened again, they changed Leah into a little grown, and took her temperature again... 102.7. The tyelnol I had given her was not really doing too much... They gave her motrin and told us to wait for the Dr.

Leah's body slowly began to cool down and she began to wake up. She crawled all over, and had her daddy help her open and close the cabinet doors...

The doctor came in, after spying on Leah thru the door and saw her playing away... everything else looked good as well.... just a fever....

As for the seizure, between the ages of 6months to 6 years of age, a seizure with a fever, is the best kind of seizure to have, and are some what common when a high fever strikes... as for Leah's though, he is not 100% that it was a seizure as I was describing it... maybe just waking up in a dellerious state with the fever, wanting to be asleep, but maybe she was jerkying herself awake.

Whatever it was... is just a fever as of last night, but we all know that it can change in an instant... we are to be on the look out for other symptoms... but hopefully none appear and it is simply that.. a high fever.

This morning the fever is gone, but Leah is still seeming a little out of it... crabby, clingy, and tired... hopefully the fever stays away tonight though!


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