Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tacos for Lunch!?

Yes..... Leah had tacos today.... at school!

I called around 11 o'clock to 1. check on her, and 2. get the school's fax number for some paper work. My conversation with the teacher went a little something like this...

Ms. Jennifer: Does Leah get 1 or 2 jars of baby food at lunch?
Me: one. She should have had 1 at breakfast too.
Ms. Jennifer: Oh ok... we fed her one, but she still seems kind of hungry....
Me: Oh........... Well she is allowed to have the snacks, you can give her her puffs, or cereal or whatever it is you guys have for snacks.
Ms. Jennifer: Well can she have table food?
Me: Umm yes.... we are supposed to be feeding her table scraps. We usually give her some at dinner.
Ms. Jennifer: Well we are having Mini Tacos, Corn, and Pineapple for lunch today. The other babies her age have the table food for lunch. We cut it up really small for them.
Me: Oh yes!! She can have that! We can do that!
Ms. Jennifer: Ok. I will put a menu in her cubbie so that you can let us know if there is anything you dont want her eating...

I got off the phone and thought to myself "My baby is having tacos today!!! ... because if the other babies are doing it.. she of course can too!!!"

I am excited for a variety of reasons....
1. less baby food to buy! I hate buying babyfood! There are SOOO many choices in flavors and I am horrible when presented with that many choices! I seriously can stand in the baby food area forever just thinking to myself "pear cinnamon oatmeal or apple cinnamon oatmeal... because I already picked out apple blackberry and apple sweet potatoes, so is that too much apple!?"
2. It is really hard to feed a 8 month old! I have no idea what she needs... how much... when... what she can and cant have.... what she likes.... what she should be having.... I like that daycare thinks its OK to feed a baby tacos... its OK with me then too!

And want to hear what she will be having the rest of the week for lunch...

Wed - Chicken Pamesan, carrots and bananas with cherrios for a snack
Thur - Turkey and cheese, green beans, and tropical fruit with pretzels for a snack
Fri - Dino Nuggest, mixed veggies, and mixed fruit with NACHOS for a snack!? Oh my! We will see if that is really intended for the babies or not........

And because its the first week and I am in love.... and I promise to not do this everyday....

Today Leah:

Watched a finger play with an elephant puppet with a goal to vocalize pleasure or displeasure.
Explored their classroom shakers with a goal to enjoy sensory stimulation
Created art pieces with gray paint and a sponge on white paper.
Practiced crawling to their teachers.

That is right... my 8 month old is making art projects! Hearing things like this makes the big fat check I write seem not so rough!


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