Tuesday, August 24, 2010

But she's my baby...

After Brian dropped Leah off this morning he gave me a call....
Brian: "They are going to start to transition Leah into the 1 yr old room. They will start taking her over there for 10 minutes at a time, and then 30 minutes, and then work her way up to all day, with her there fully by the end of next month for sure."
Me: as I start to tear up..."but she's only 9 months!"
Brian: "They said she meets all the requirements to move on."
I know my child is amazing and brilliant and looks like a 1 year old... but I am just not ready for her to move on! I think I can talk all I want about her 1st birthday, but the actual thought of no longer being considered a baby, being a year old, no more infant room, becoming a toddler, makes me so sad!
I just picture the 1 year old room with no highchairs, and sleeping on cots instead of cribs, and drinking out of real cups, and teaching the kids math and how to read, and the real 1 year olds picking on my baby girl!
I know it wont be like this at all... I know she wont really be in a cot until she is 12 months atleast, and Leah might be the bullier since she is so much taller than everyone else... side note, when I picked her up the other day I totally saw her ripping a toy out of a boys hands....
But I am just not ready for by baby to start growing up just yet! She is going to turn one, and then two, and then 10, and 16, and 18, and 21, and graduate from college, and get married, and have her own children.... all in a blink of an eye!
I need to take some advice from Kenny Chesney.... "Dont Blink!"

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