Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Perfect Saturday

As Leah is getting older, we are really enjoying doing family things together. Usually we just head to the park, play on the playground, walk around, watch a softball game (Brian is trying to instill a love of the game in her already!) and just enjoy some fun time together before we try to get to the 100 item to-do list that every weekend has...

This week, we decided to try out Grants Farm! We had a nice time, but Leah hadnt napped but 30 minutes on the ride over, and was way more interested in the people than the animals....

On the tram with Daddy thru the "wild animals" part... checking out a Yak?
Me feeding my child to the goats... literaly... she was pretty excited about them until they started eating her clothes.
A very LARGE, SLOW and OLD turtle

Momma and the sleepy girl with a camel. The last time I was at Grants Farm was 3 years ago when I brought my sister, and cousins Gaby and Gleeson. I was holding Gaby up to see the Camel up close, and the Camel LICKED my head!!!! I kept a safe distance this time.... Grants Farm has not been the best place for my family... now that I mention it, my mom has also been puked on by a Clysdale there as well! ha

Checking out a pony with Daddy.

On our way out to the Cylsdales, she was in desperate need of her bottle at this point and worn out...

Afterwards, since we were sort of in the area, we went to my parents house for lunch. Leah had a burst of energy!

And played quite a bit with Aunt Jessica...

And in my mom's cabinets

When we finally got home, she played even more and then went down for an almost 2 hr nap. She got up just in time for Brian to BBQ us some dinner so Leah and I got a little more sun and played in the backyard for a bit while we watched Daddy cook.

We then had a delicous dinner of lemon pepper chicken, corn on the cob, and red potatoes... even Leah enjoyed some chicken and corn.... along with puffs....

After dinner we even headed out for Ice Cream!! We sat outside of the little local ice cream parlor and let Leah have some bites of a hot fudge, cookie dough concrete... At first she did not like how cold it was... but quickly discovered the yumminess! (No Pictures)
Then it was back home for bath time and playtime in the basement while we watched the cardinals game and Leah emptied out our shelves and harassed the cats. (Look at Cora on top of the speaker!)

By 8:30, she was wore out....

See.... Perfect!


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