Monday, August 23, 2010

I CANNOT believe I did that....

I could keep this private and keep it between Brian and I... but I will admit it to all....

This past weekend when we were at the festival, I ordered one of these boards, while Brian's mom was nice enough to pay for it as my birthday present.

When I got home I started to tell Brian about it...
Me: I am getting this board made that will say 'GILMORE established June 25th 2008'"
Brian: June 25th? That's not our anniversary
Me: OHMYGOSH!!!!! I gave them the wrong date!!
I forgot our anniversary!!!
Luckily, I realized I had given her the incorrect date, called and emailed... and got it changed to the 21st!
So yes... I did it first.... not Brian..... if it means anything.... the June 25th is my parents anniversary.... I can atleast remember that!

1 comment:

  1. I love this!!!! I want to get one for my house too.



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