Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby room, 9 months in...

All mother's to be think and plan out the most perfect baby room. They are proud to show it off! We think tons about the layout, the organization, the necessities to have the most efficient, yet cute baby room! But what about once the baby comes? ... I am happy to say, Leah's room is pretty much exactly how it was orginally, just with more ....stuff now!

Her bookshelf.... She LOVES to pull the books off the shelf, empty the baskets, try to fit into the bottom cubbies with her toys... yet its VERY useable for mommy! It houses the bibs, the bath stuff, some toys, the accessorites... The top is a must for me as well.... it holds the midnight bottle, and anything I need to put out of Leah's reach!
The toy basket is new... because I never thought she would gain so many toys and I would need somewhere to put them!! She also loves to stand at this one and empty everything out...

The contents of her bed have definitely changed... she sleeps with everything! I used to be the same way... in college I would study in bed, but never actually remove anything from my bed when I went to sleep... you could find pens, pencils, calculators, books... my alarm clock... anything! I might be forcing this habit on Leah...

The closet.... I rarely hang anything... only new things that do not yet fit her.... which all of these are! Her clothes are so little, and we have the drawer space, and no need to worry about anything getting wrinklie... so why bother? The storage boxes you see to the right, slightly hidden, include all of her too small, outgrown clothes that are saved for the possible little sister, that is born in the same season and size.... blah... I should just get rid of them... that is too unlikely!

And the dresser and changing table... changing table is missing the cover because of an incident with the childrens benadryl bottle... they really are NOT child proof! It is in the wash... and to the left is our stash of diapers and wipes... you never want to run out of those!

So see... totally useable and practical!

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  1. I love this post. Our room changed a little but only to add more space for her toys!!! I am now trying to figure out what to do about the drawers in the changing table as she has figured out how to open them, take the stuff out, and close her fingers in them!!!



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