Saturday, August 28, 2010

swimming, swimming, in a swimming pool...

Today we thought we would take advantage of one of the last weekends of the summer and head to my Aunt and Uncles to go swimming....

Check out Leah in her shades! She loves the water... but it wears her out!
My parents joined us at the pool... Leah hanging out with her grandpa, splashing away

Afterwards we sat around, ate some food, and chatted....Leah LOVES cans! Usually she goes for the beer cans....

I cant wait till future summers when we can stay alittle longer... 1.5 hrs is our max... I always love visiting my aunt and uncle and their pool!



  1. My Leah loves to chew on cans too!!! I dont know what it is about them. It scares me though, I am affraid she is gong to cut herself.

  2. agreed... I only let her chew on them when they have not yet been opened.



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